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New Product! CSR 8645 Bluetooth Headphones

  Back from the 15th Hong Kong Electronic Fair last week, we would like to share a good news with you. Our new models got many likes from the customers. 

  The first one is GQ-560 which is our private mold for the earbuds. The snail shape makes it special ans unique. It has a small shinny part in it. Most customers like it.



  The second one is GQ-300. (Picture is as below) The main selling point is the sound quality. With the chip CSR8645 and high quality speaker, this is the best I've ever listened for the same level. The high pitched voice is crystal and the bass is strong and deep.

  For these two items, they are both with CSR 8645 chip which supports APT-X to provide you with the CD-like sound. And we can do IPX7 waterproof according to your request. 

  The mold of GQ-560 has been finished. Samples are coming soon. Welcom to contact us for more information. The model GQ-300 is under construction. If you are interested in it, we can make it faster with your help.

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