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Bluetooth Headset How To Use The Three Sets Of Programs

1, under normal circumstances, the Bluetooth headset into the paired state, only need to hold down the boot button for 10 seconds or so do not let go, the headset will turn from the power switch to a pairing state, the performance of the headset lights red and blue flash Move (some is a long light of a color). And then use the phone to search for Bluetooth devices, you can find your headphones.

2, some of the headset factory settings are more complex, such as Sony Ericsson HBH-602 and Nokia's HS-36W, etc. .... 602 in the code, first open the headset, then press and hold +, - 10 seconds or so, then the lights will be red and green flashing alternately, so you can use the phone to search for Bluetooth devices. 36W is in the headset after the boot, while holding down the boot button and + 10 seconds or so, the other steps are the same as ordinary headphones.

3, the headset into the paired, the phone to search for Bluetooth devices, the general mobile phone with about 5 seconds to search for headphones, and then select the phone you find the Bluetooth headset device, the phone will prompt you to enter the password. Most of the phone password is 0000 or 1234, but there are also individual manufacturers set up in your headset manual will have a detailed record.

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