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Bluetooth Headset Connected To Computer Method

First determine the computer has a Bluetooth function to use, but also requires the computer has the latest Bluetooth driver, if the drive may also be unable to connect, you can go to the computer corresponding to the official website or online download. Specific operating methods (WIN 7 as an example):

1. Also in the shutdown state, long press the multi-function keys for about 3-5 seconds until the red light and blue lights flash alternately, headphones into the pairing mode.

2. Turn on the computer Bluetooth (taskbar or control panel - device and printer - Brobetooth device).

3. Click to add the device, will automatically search for available equipment, our Bluetooth headset and the corresponding model will be displayed, click on the device will automatically download the device after the driver connected, and prompted to connect, then Bluetooth headset light will go out.

4. You can try to feel the song, if the player or the computer put the sound, you can disconnect the computer, re-open the connection once (after the pair are free to connect).

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