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Bluetooth Headset Battery Charging Precautions

1. Charging must be plugged in place, so as not to contact bad ignition, plug the intensity as light as possible, or a long time will lead to loose plug.

2. Use matching pod, if there is a dedicated charger, then use a dedicated, if not equipped, you can use 500MA-1000MA charger, it is best not to more than 1000MA.

3. General charge about 2 hours, as far as possible not more than 3 hours, filled only will cause heat, the battery is not good.

4. Do not always use the battery completely shut down before charging, so that the battery, headphones, including the last use when the signal is not very good.

5. Charge state, it is recommended not to use headphones, so as to avoid unnecessary damage.

6. When charging the red light is always bright, indicating that charging is in progress, when the lights into blue or other colors, that charge is complete.

7. If the full state, the use of a no electricity, and may be a battery or circuit problems, it is best not to continue to use it, should contact manufacturers to solve.

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