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Bluetooth Headset A Drag Two Functions To Use

Often have this situation, we use the Bluetooth headset after the call, we want to use Bluetooth headset on the computer to see online video, so we had to disconnect with the phone, re-connected with the computer pair, so trouble, The Bluetooth headset a drag two functions. The so-called one of the two Bluetooth headset refers to a Bluetooth headset can be connected to two Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth devices can be exchanged between the use of Bluetooth headset.

And for the music shift brand Bluetooth headset, the music shift A6, A300, A808, A505 are belong to a drag two stereo Bluetooth headset. Support the simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices. And many users may not be clear about the use of a drag, the following small series with a combination of graphic methods to share with you how to use the Bluetooth one drag two functions!

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