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Adjustable Neckband Wireless Headphone For Laptop Or Cell Phone

Magnets clip together for simple storage. Flexible and very light weight!

Product Details

Adjustable Neckband Wireless Headphone For Laptop Or Cell Phone


IMG_6184_副本.jpg●Earplug wire is adjustable

●Patent neckband design, exclusive and nice

● Compatible with 99% Bluetooth devices including laptop or cell phone

● It can pair with 2 mobile phones at the same time.

●Slim and light, no pressure for you neck.    

●Long distance transmission range

●Can play music up to 11 hours continuously

●Full power charging time: 2.5Hours                    

●With stereo sound for music entertainment


If you are looking for the adjustable neckband wireless headphone for laptop or cell phone, contact our factory now. As one of the largest China earphone manufacturers and suppliers, we will also satisfy your customized requirement.
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