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What's the difference between dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers


The difference between dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers

For a headphone, the key components for sounding are the drivers. You may often hear people talk about 2 types of headphones, dynamic driver and balanced armature driver. They are the main factor directly determines the sound characteristics of headphones, whether the headphone is suitable for listening to popular or jazz, vocal or rock and so on. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have a certain understanding of dynamic driver and balanced armature driver so that we do not blindly purchase headphones and we will also be more aware of what kind of headphones we need. So today let's leaern together the difference between dynamic driver and balanced armature driver.

Type of drivers: Dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers.

Dynamic drivers are the most commonly used driver type. Most of the bass-heavy earbuds come with dynamic drivers as they produce deep bass well. They are cheap when compared to balanced armature drivers. They are usuall somewhat large in size. The headphones that we usually use are dynamic coil units, including various types of speakers on the market, and all of them are also dynamic drivers. It can also be made very small. The in-ear headphones generally use a diameter of 9mm or 13.5mm dynamic driver so that the earbuds can be put into our ears


Balanced armature drivers are more commonly used in hearing aids. But now they are used in high-end earbuds as well. These drivers can be specifically tuned to perform better in particular frequency ranges. They do not offer an excellent bass response as that of dynamic drivers. But the clarity and detail of the sound is way more good than dynamic drivers for an audiophile. If you are looking to use your earbuds to listen to classical songs and treble-heavy songs, earbuds with balanced armature drivers are what you want to look for. They are smaller than dynamic drivers in size. The size of the balanced armature drivers is only slightly larger than that of rice grains. Covered with a silicone earplug, it can be easily put into the deep of our ear canal. Therefore, the volume characteristics of the balanced armature drivers determine that the balanced armature drivers headphones are basically in-ear type.

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