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What's important while selecting a Bluetooth earphone C


What's important while selecting a Bluetooth earphone (3)


    Phone call function

    Check the effectiveness of the call, especially the microphone. After connecting the mobile phone, call the friend through the Bluetooth headset to see if the call is effective, whether the other party has echo, noise, current, etc., and whether the sound volume of both parties is reasonable. In general, the sound should not be too low. If the sound is high we can lower it through the phone or headphones.


     Working time

     A good headset should have a durable battery. Otherwise it will bring us a lot of trouble.

Generally, it is better that the Bluetooth headset has more than 4-5 hours of talk or music. The standby time should be 3-5 days (72-120 hours). This is just a reference, because each Bluetooth headset has a different shape and the battery size is different.


     Take our GQ-M1 as an example, the battery capacity is 135mAh. It has 10-12 hours of talk or music time. The standby time is up to 320 hours (almost 2 weeks). It is perfect for daily use because it don't need to charge several times a day.


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