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What's important while selecting a Bluetooth earphone B


What's important while selecting a Bluetooth earphone (2)


    Since the Bluetooth headset is a wireless product, then we first need to see how the signal of its communication. In theory, Bluetooth headset communication effective distance is 10 meters. And the Bluetooth earphone with CSR chip has the strongest signal.

    When using a Bluetooth headset to talk or listen to music, we can properly stay away from connected phones to see if there are intermittent situations. 

    Or when using a Bluetooth headset, put the phone in your right pocket and wear a left ear to test if there is a problem. This is the standard that should be achieved at a minimum. Otherwise, the headset cannot be used after the phone has been put in the pocket. We might as well not use this Bluetooth headset.



    Listen to the sound quality effect. We can judge the sound quality effect by listening to music.

Bluetooth headset or audio is EQ can debug the software, so the sound quality is more diversified. 

   There are 2 factors which affect the sound quality. One is the solution. Good solution such as CSR can help the earphone to perform better. The other one is the speaker driver. The better speaker you use for the earphone, the better sound you can get.

   In our industry, manufacturers usually choose lossless music and adjust the volume to 50%-70% to test the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets. The song we most frequently use is called a California hotel. This song can help you test the stereo effect and mid-bass section of the headset.


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