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What is True Wirless(TWS) Earphone


What is True Wirless(TWS) Earphone?

What is the difference between "Bluetooth Headset" and "True Wireless Headset"? The in-ear Bluetooth headset with the cable can work at both sides of the unit, just like a Bluetooth speaker. The in-ear Bluetooth headset can be transmitted over the cable, allowing the speakers on both sides to stably produce the sound in a synchronized manner, but this only saves the headset and audio source line.

Compared with the traditional "wireless headphones", the connection of the true wireless headset is not only the signal transmission between the headset and the signal transmission device, but also the wireless connection between the main and sub-headsets. Compared with traditional “wireless headphones”, the structure of true wireless headsets is more complex, with higher transmission requirements and greater power consumption. These elements will have even more pronounced effects on the final sound effects. The common phenomenon is: BLuetooth wireless headsets will have better sound quality than TWS earphone. The headset is slightly worse. Since there are many disturbing factors, why do you really need a wireless headset?


The traditional in-ear Bluetooth headsets are all connected by a single wire, which makes them have got rid of the physical connection with the sound source, but the wire between the two earphones will still cause some interference when worn. Typical example: The traditional bluetooth headset can't handle the “auscultation effect”, especially in sports. Of course, not limited to this. In addition, without the line, the true wireless headset will bring significant improvements in the ways of playing and user freedom experience


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