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What is the standard of good waterproof Bluetooth sports earphone


What is the standard of good waterproof Bluetooth sports earphone

In recent years, sports and fitness have become a trend, and correspondingly, sports Bluetooth headsets have become unknowingly popular. With so many sports Bluetooth headsets on the market, how can we find a good waterproof one? Today, let our Guangqing Electrnics engineer tell you the standard of a good waterproof Bluetooth sports earphone.

  1. Waterproof and Sweatproof

Your body inevitably sweats during exercise. The sweat causes the headphones to be damaged or even scrapped, especially for sports headphones. Only headphones with IPX4 or higher waterproof performance can effectively avoid sweat and rain erosion. Therefore, for a good sports headset, IPX4 waterproof performance is necessary.

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  2. Lightweight and easy to carry

When you are doing exercise, you want your equipment not only to be as light as possible, but also to be small and easy to carry, so that you don't feel tired or burdened. Therefore, for an excellent sports earphone, lightness, compactness, convenient storage, and features that do not affect sports are also essential.


  3. Firm and comfortable wearing

It's also very important that you feel comfortable and it is firm when you wear it. If the headphones suddenly drop during exercise, it will disrupt the rhythm of your movement, even will break the headphones.  Therefore, for an excellent waterproof sports earphone, it is also a necessary characteristic that it can be firmly worn and cannot easily drop.


4. Easy operation

The earphone button must be designed reasonablely. If it is not, it will be hard for you to get familiar with it, and you may often press the wrong button. It is really annoying that you need to take it off for operation, especially during exercise. An easy-to-operate headset can greatly enhance your exercise  experience and encourage your enthusiasm. Therefore, for an excellent waterproof sports Bluetooth headset, the control of convenience is also necessary.


5. Stable signal reception

Many sports Bluetooth headsets on the market do not have very stable signal reception. Some even have signal breaks when the earphone is 5 meters away from the mobile phone. Therefore, for a good sports Bluetooth headset, stable signal reception is also necessary. Because it will seriously affect your mood during exercise if the sound is intermittent due to the unstable signal transmission.


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