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What is ANC (active noise-cancelling) Headphone


What is ANC (active noise-cancelling) Headphone

To learn about ANC headphone, let's learn what noise cancelling headphone is first. Noise cancelling headphones are headphones that use some methods to reduce noise. There are two types of noise cancelling headphones: active noise cancelling headphones and passive noise cancelling headphones.

The active noise cancelling function is to generate a reverse sound wave which equals to the external noise through a noise reduction system, neutralize the noise, and thereby achieve the effect of noise reduction. 

Passive noise-reducing headphones mainly form a closed space by surrounding the ear, or use silica gel earplugs and other soundproof materials to block external noise.

With the development and improvement of noise reduction technology, many manufacturers have now launched their own series of active noise reduction headphones, which can eliminate 70% or more of noise. For people who frequently travel by airplanes, trains, subways, buses and other relatively noisy transportation tools, active noise reduction headphone not only enables users to listen to music in a truly silent environment, but also plays an important role in protecting hearing.

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