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What is a stereo Bluetooth headset

Source: What is a stereo Bluetooth headset

Stereo Bluetooth headset is what, stereo Bluetooth headset is a popular saying, that can use the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone connection, wireless way to enjoy the phone to play the stereo music. For example, Woowi I love HERO, MAMA Mamba, Hornet, Woowi BEHC003 and so can feel the shock of the stereo. If you want to achieve this function, Bluetooth headset and spy machine must support Bluetooth A2DP transmission protocol. The protocol specifies the use of Bluetooth asynchronous transmission channel, the transmission of high quality music file data protocol stack software and use. Simply put, through the A2DP can make two also support the Bluetooth audio transmission devices connected to each other, whether it is Bluetooth 1.1 or 1.2 version, can be input into CD quality (16bits, 44.1kHz) music. If any of them does not support A2DP, then the sound can only output Handsfree profile (8bits, 8KHz), that is, ordinary voice call monaural sound quality. Even if the headset is designed with double ear plugs and far from the real stereo!

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