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The working principle and function of Bluetooth headset lithium battery protection board


Nowadays, more and more people are now using Bluetooth headsets to make music and conversation more interesting. In addition, in order to protect the safety of consumers, many Bluetooth headset manufacturers use lithium battery protection boards to protect polymer lithium batteries. Today, let us introduce to you about the working principle and function of these lithium battery protection boards.


Lithium battery protection board

        The lithium battery protection board is an integrated circuit board that protects a rechargeable battery (usually a lithium battery). The reason why a lithium battery (rechargeable type) needs protection is that it cannot be overcharged, overdischarged, overcurrented, short-circuited, and ultrahigh-temperature charge-discharged.


The composition of the protection board

        Lithium battery protection shields usually include control ICs, MOS switches, resistors, capacitors, and auxiliary devices such as NTCs and ID memories. Among them, the protection IC (overvoltage protection) and MOS switch are the main devices used to protect the safety of the lithium battery cell. They are used to accurately monitor the voltage of the cell and charge and discharge the circuit at -40°C to +85°C. Current, instantaneous control of the current loop on and off.


Protection board works:

        The control IC on the circuit board controls the conduction of the MOS switch in all normal conditions, so that the cell communicates with the external circuit. When the cell voltage or the loop current exceeds the specified value, it immediately (tens of milliseconds) controls the MOS switch. Turn off and protect the safety of the batteries.


The main functions of the protection board are as follows:

        1, overcharge protection: When the product is charged, if the battery is full, the voltage reaches the maximum battery voltage (4.2V), the protection board will automatically shut down to protect the battery.

        2, over discharge protection: When the battery is about to run out, the voltage to a minimum required value, the protection board will be closed, the battery can not be discharged, the product will therefore automatically shut down.

        3, current limiting and short circuit protection, to prevent the use of lithium batteries over the rated current or short circuit caused damage to the battery and the protection board itself.

        4, balance function, to ensure that each cell can be fully charged.

        5, temperature control protection, so that lithium batteries work within the normal temperature range, or stop charging or discharging.

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