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The existing problems of True Wireless Earphones


The existing problems of True Wireless Earphones 

To make a true wireless headset that rivals the effects of the original in-ear Bluetooth headset, it is not easy.


For Bluetooth headsets, "electricity" is not only related to the battery life problem, but also means that it can provide sufficient power to support the normal operation of internal circuits. In addition to the original signal receiving module and the decoding and amplification part, the true wireless headset also has a circuit connecting the main and sub headsets. When the three parts work at the same time, the requirements for the battery also increase accordingly. Therefore, we can all see that the current true wireless headsets will not last long when used for a single time. Most of them will last for two hours or so, and they must all be used together with a storage box containing a battery to ensure sufficient life time.


However, even if we can control the battery problem at this stage, the biggest problem of Bluetooth headsets is the "transmission problem". Some people may say that Qualcomm's aptX, Sony's LDAC, is not the technology for lossless music? It is true that these two technical standards have greatly contributed to the transmission of lossless music, but how many products are now available for these two technologies? Not to mention the current audience of these two technologies is not mainly aimed at true wireless headphones. According to most of our customer feedback, many true wireless headsets today still have problems with transmission instability such as signal instability and transmission interruption.

To solve these problems, such as reducing the user experience, it may be necessary to wait until the Bluetooth 5.0 specification chipset program is officially launched, but the fastest shipping is still the CSR program launched in the first quarter of 18 years. From the launch to the use, to the overall popularity, for audio products this category, at least a year and a half. This makes the true wireless headset user experience awkward in a short time. 


Of course, at the present stage, there are still other chip-set manufacturers that independently conduct technical research and development on the basis of the Bluetooth 4.0 specification to ensure the stability and synchronization of transmission. Our latest product GQ-E6 is equipped with the latest Airoha chip 1524. The energy consumption of this chip is lower than before, and can increase the headphone's life time by 2 times. In addition, in the signal transmission, this program can make the signal of the true wireless headset more stable. In general, the GQ-E6 with this solution solves the problems of most real wireless headsets and is a good choice.


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