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Side key to start how to use Bluetooth headset

Source: Side key to start how to use Bluetooth headset

First, charge the headset:

Headset with a rechargeable battery inside, the first time before the use of electricity must be filled

1, the first Bluetooth headset device manufacturers to provide the charging line to open, plug the end of the plug into the top of the Bluetooth headset charging port. And then plug the other end into an electrical outlet. When charging, the headset device displays a red light.

* Charging has been charged to the headset light from red to blue

* About two hours can be filled, the first charge to be 3 hours.

2, unplug the charging device configurator. Complete the charge.

Second, the storage headphones:

* Keep the headset power off and be sure to be properly protected.

* Avoid high temperatures (above 40 degrees Celsius), for example, placed in high temperature inside the car or by direct sunlight. (High temperature will damage the surface, and reduce battery life)

* Do not expose headphones and other parts to rain or liquid

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