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Pay attention to these when you use Bluetooth earphones


Pay attention to these when you use Bluetooth earphones

Nowadays, there are more and more people using Bluetooth headsets in the streets or gymnasiums. This is particularly evident in the taxi driver group, which is almost one person each.  Although the Bluetooth headset is portable and easy to use, you should pay attention to the following situations as much as possible during use.

First, do not to use it for a long time. Because Bluetooth headsets are mostly in-ear type, ear plugs can be put into the ear canal, and the headset speaker diaphragm is very close to the eardrum. The sound from the headphones stimulates the auditory nerve. If you use the Bluetooth earphone for a long time to listen to music or talking on the phone, you will feel dizziness, headaches and other phenomena.


Second, do not to use non-branded products. When you use the Bluetooth earphones, inevitably you need to plug the earbuds in and out of the ears, which inevitably scratches the ear canal and causes ear inflammation, particularly when you use the very cheap Bluetooth headsets. In order to save costs, some manufacturers use earplugs made of inferior materials, which can easily cause ear infections. In addition, many small brands or cottage brands use components without quality guarantees which are also potentially harmful to ears.


Third, do not to use it on busy roads. Compared with traditional wired earphones, Bluetooth headsets have better isolation of external environment noise. In particular, some brands use advanced noise reduction techniques to achieve a high level of noise reduction. These headsets are generally suitable for using on noisy buses or indoor gyms. It is not appropriate to use it on busy roads, especially when walking through the sidewalks. Because of the excellent noise reduction effect of the earphone, it is difficult for you to hear the sound of the vehicles and the warning sound from the motor vehicle, which greatly increases the probability of a traffic accident.


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