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Neckband style headphone applies to what scenes


What scenes does neckband Bluetooth headphone apply for?

Nowadays, with the increasing popularity of Bluetooth headsets, many Bluetooth headset manufacturers have introduced different new types to meet the different needs of consumers. Since 2017, the neckband Bluetooth earphones have been in an explosive growth state. A popular Bluetooth headset, I believe many consumers also have the desire to buy. Now, let me help you make purchase decisions by knowing what scenes neckband Bluetooth headphones apply.


1. Office

The neckband Bluetooth headset has a unique structure and is comfortable to wear. It is suitable for prolonged use and easy access. It's a good choise for business office workers.


2. Living place

Many people like to peacefully listen to songs after work and relax. If you wear a over-ear Bluetooth headset for a long time, your ears will get hurt. However, neckband Bluetooth headphone won't have this problem. And the general neckband Bluetooth headphone has incoming call vibration reminder function or incoming call number reminder function, so that you can enjoy the music without missing incoming calls. This design is also very suitable for home use.


3. On the street or shopping

The neckband Bluetooth headphone has a very special shape, which can not only show personality but also can be a accessory for our outfits. In addition, it can also be hidden under the collar if you don't want to get attention. For thepeople who  pursuit of personality, neckband Bluetooth headphone is a perfect item for them.



4. Bus, subway, gym

The in-ear earbuds of the neckband Bluetooth earphones are smaller than the in-ear earbuds of the general sports Bluetooth earphones. The earplugs fits closer and tighter the ear canal. And the external environment noise can be better isolated. If you use it in a noisy place such as a subway, your call will be even better.


5. Outdoor

The space of the neckband Bluetooth headset neckband is larger than that of the general ear suspension type Bluetooth headset. The built-in battery capacity can also be relatively large, so the neckband Bluetooth headset has advantages in battery life. Especially for those who like to travel long distances, a long-life Bluetooth headset can eliminate the hassle of frequently charging the headset during the trip, making travel more fun.


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