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Is it worth buying TWS earphone since it has so many problems


Is it worth buying TWS earphone since it has so many problems?

After reading the previous 2 articles, I believe that you know enough about the TWS earphones. So, under the premise that the Bluetooth 5.0 solution is still not popular in wireless headsets and mobile phones, is it really worth buying a wireless headset now?

 Looking through Amazon, Alibaba and so on online market, we can see that the choice of TWS headphones seems pretty much. Aiming the 2 major problems of the TWS earphones, we also have a new model this year. 


With the upgraded chip-set Airoha 1524, it can fix the signal interruption. The signal is more stable.


It also has the automatically booting function to help you save the time. It is much easier to operate. You just need take it out of the charging box, then it is power on. When you take both of them out of the case, they will pair with each other automatically. 


If you are looking for a good TWS earphone which has not been sold, please contact us. We have what you want.

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