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What's important while selecting Bluetooth headphones A


What's important while selecting Bluetooth headphones(1)

  With the development of science and technology, mobile phones tend to be full-screen, which inevitably makes accessories headsets tend to be wireless and highly integrated. Today let me show  you what is important when you select the Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Appearance

    Appearantly, the appearance is one of the most important factors for most peopel while choosing the Bluetooth earphones. They concern about whether it is confortable and  good-looking for wearing.  After all, as a carry-on headset, it has gradually become a kind of fashion accessories. So we all hope it looks good in our ears.

    The point is the head of the earbuds. The shape must be ergonomic so it can fit closely to your ears. And you don't want to hurt your ear. It shouldn't be too big because it will look clumsy. And it will not fit for your ears. 


    Then check how the work of the headset, it is often reflected in whether headset and the wire is rough or smooth , whether the joint gap is uniform. The texture of the headset is determined by the material of the earphone, the surface treatment, and the feel of the hand.


  2. Solution

    The most important part of the Bluetooth earphones is the solution. Which chip-set you use decides all the performance of the earphone including the signal, sound and working time, like the heart to human.

    The best chip is from England, the CSR chip. Our most products are assembled with CSR chip. It can give you the best performance of the earphones.photobank.png

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