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How to maintain the headset diaphragm


How to maintain the diaphragm of headphones

The diaphragm in thespeaker of Bluetooth headset is an important part of the headset, and it is also the most sensitive part. The material of diaphragm is very light and easy to be damaged, so a good maintenance of the headset diaphragm can effectively improve the headset's life. Here, let Bluetooth headset manufacturers Guangqing Electronic show you some tips about how to maintain headset diaphragm!


      1, For the new headphones just bought, do not adjust the volume very high when you use it, because the diaphragm of the horn is hard when the earphones at factory. It usually takes tens of hours to enter the optimal state. If you use the Bluetooth earphone just bought at a loud volume to listen to the song, the diaphragm is easily damaged.

       2, Try to avoid collisions. The diaphragm of the horn is a sophisticated component. Severe collisions can cause internal parts to become loose or damaged. Then the diaphragm will deform. Therefore, in order to protect the diaphragm of speaker, it is necessary to avoid bumping and falling of the earphone.

       3, Pay attention to temperature. Nowadays, the material of the diaphragm is various, and the heat resistance rate of each material is different. When the temperature is too high, the diaphragm is easily deformed. Therefore, Bluetooth headsets should be protected from direct sunlight, especially for long periods of use under the sun.

       4, Be away from water, corrosive chemicals. The most popular choice of speaker diaphragm is metal made. Now there are some biological diaphragms, paper diaphragms and so on. No matter what kind of diaphragm, it is easy to be damaged when it comes to water or corrosive liquid. Therefore, keep the Bluetooth earphones as far away as possible from damp and corrosive liquids. In addition, try to use a waterproof headset when exercising. After the exercise, the sweat on the headphones should be wiped off in time to prevent sweat from corroding the earphone housing and the internal electronic components and speaker sound units.

      The above details can easily lead to damage to the headset. Therefore, when using and storing Bluetooth headsets, in order to better protect the headset, it is necessary to have some headset maintenance skills.

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