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How to connect Bluetooth earphone with 2 phones?


Now most of Bluetooth headphones with CSR chip can connect 2 mobile phones at the same time. Do you know how to do that? Let me show you how.

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1.  First of all, you need to get one CSR Bluetooth headphone and 2 mobile phones with Bluetooth function.

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2.  Then under the off state of the Bluetooth earphone, long press On/Off button till you see the blue and red light alternately flashing, earphone will be power on and into the paring mode. And that is the time when you can release the button. 

3.  Next we need to set up the earphone with mobile phone A. Find the Bluetooth function in the setting of mobile phone A, turn it on. Then you can see pairing name of the Bluetooth earphone. Please select it and pair it with the mobile phone A. 

After sucessful pairing, please turn off the Bluetooth function of phone A. Keep the earphone power on.


4.  Finally, we need to set up the mobile phone B with the Bluetooth earphone. It is the same as the way to set up the mobile phone A. 

After successful connection,  turn on the Bluetooth function of phone A. The earphone will automatically connect with phone A (which should support automatically connection function) or you can manually connect mobile phone A. 

And this is how to connect one Bluetooth headphone with 2 mobile phones at the same time. Also, you can change one of the mobile phone to iPad or other devices which has Bluetooth function.

What are you waiting for? Go and check that if your Bluetooth earphone can do that.

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