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How is your Bluetooth headphone sound


Regarding the sound quality of Bluetooth headphones, the decisive factors are chip and speaker.


1. Chip

With different chips and different Bluetooth technologies, the music data that is compressed and converted to Bluetooth transmission will be different, leading to differences in the sound quality that will eventually be heard.

The same chip, you can also adjust the EQ to achieve the purpose of changing the sound quality, such as highlighting the treble or highlighting the bass.

Our model M1 uses the CSR8635 chip in the most mature and advanced 4.1+EDR version. Although it can't be said to be the best in terms of sound quality, it is quite good as we have received a lot of good feedback for it. If the customer is pursuing better sound quality, you can consider replacing the CSR 8645 solution, which has APT-X support and can achieve higher quality sound quality. Of course, the cost will increase relatively.



2. Speaker

A good speaker can restore the sound more clearly. The better the speaker, the better the sound quality. However, different quality speakers have different costs. If you cannot achieve the desired sound quality by adjusting the EQ, you can only replace the speakers.



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