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Bluetooth headset What are the common problems, how to deal with

Source: Bluetooth headset What are the common problems, how to deal with

1, Bluetooth headset with radiation problems?

A: The radiation value is only a few tenths of the phone, almost negligible, are radiation-free products, can be assured that the use of green is the use of mobile phones, in Europe and the United States has been quite popular.

2, how to confirm the phone, personal computer, personal digital assistant, laptop is compatible with the Bluetooth headset?

A: The Bluetooth headset can be used with all devices with Bluetooth 1.1 or higher and supports headset and / or handsfree application specifications. This is just a basic technique for communicating between the Bluetooth headset and your device. But there is no guarantee that you can control the device by headphone operation. With the increasing popularity of Bluetooth technology, more and more manufacturers of equipment in the implementation of Bluetooth technology to support headset or hands-free application specifications.

3, Bluetooth headset is simple to use?

A: Bluetooth headset is very simple to use, much simpler than the use of mobile phones. Bluetooth headset before use, the first pair with the phone, a simple pairing process description: first press the headset multi-function button (instructions have said) a few seconds, the headset indicator light will turn red red (most of the headphones) , Then use the phone to search for Bluetooth devices, find the phone will find the name of the Bluetooth, enter the matching password (usually 0000) and then press the phone to determine the button, that pairing process is so simple to complete. Stereo Bluetooth Headset Some phones need to be re-connected in the Bluetooth device before they can use the stereo to listen to music.

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