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How to deal with the common false and fault of Bluetooth headset

Source: Bluetooth headset common false fault in the end how to deal with?

How to deal with the common false and fault of Bluetooth headset

1. The indicator does not light when plug the Bluetooth headset into the charger?

Built-in lithium battery takes about 10 minutes to activate, if the indicator doesn't  light on when plug the earphone into the charger, please wait for 10-30 minutes.

2. Can not turn on the Bluetooth headset?

First, please refer to the instructions to check whether you press the correct boot button. Then in accordance with the instructions required to keep pressing it for specified time, usually 5 seconds.

3. Your mobile phone can not search the name of the Bluetooth headset?

Some individual Bluetooth headset which does not need to enter the pairing mode can be found by the mobile phone Bluetooth searching function. Common Bluetooth headset need to be pressed the power button in the shutdown state for about 8 seconds (must be enough for 8 seconds) till the red and blue lights alternately flash when it can enter the pairing mode. Some Bluetooth headset need to be pressed the  volume button twice or a dedicated pairing button to enter the pairing mode. Please refer to the instruction of your Bluetooth earphone. Normally, it states the detail operations.

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