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Bluetooth headset battery knowledge and understanding of the relevant knowledge

Source: Bluetooth headset battery knowledge and understanding of the relevant knowledge

Having bought a Bluetooth headset, after a while, you feel less and less battery power of the Bluetooth headset, and you want to change the battery of a Bluetooth headset. Here we must say to everyone that our Bluetooth headsets have built-in lithium batteries. It has small capacity and limited life. After a long time use like one or two years, the battery life will be more or less shortened . So can we replace the Bluetooth headset battery or not?


Because of these or those reasons like that Bluetooth headsets need to be updated, the update speed is relatively fast, and the complexity of the first-class Bluetooth headset itself, the Bluetooth headset manufacturers will not consider replacing the battery.

 If you really want to change, then it is possible that the general maintenance of mobile phones, maintenance of electrical appliances can help you to replace it, but the shell will be damaged, the appearance of the product will not be restored. Plus, it is also difficultwant to find a built-in battery that matches your Bluetooth headset model.

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