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Bluetooth Earphone Manufacturer tell you how to do burn-in test


Bluetooth Earphone Manufacturer tell you how to do burn-in

Generally speaking, when you use new headphones to listen to music, because the diaphragm has not reached a good state, there may be situations where the high-frequency sharpness is not enough and the low-frequency dive is not enough. Some components, such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, etc., are not stable in their electrical properties at the time of the brand-new. You also need to use it for a period of time to gradually stabilize the function. Buin-in is a way to make the internal components quickly achieve a stable and mature state. After buin-in, it can improve the sound quality and your hearing feeling. Finally, it can give you a good sound effect.


Of course, many consumers are also not very professional about Bluetooth headsets. They don't know how to get their Bluetooth headsets to reach a stable and mature state quickly. Here, the technicians of Guangqing Electronics Co., Ltd. will show you some simple and practical tips.

       Step 1: Pick a few different styles of music as your first round of burn-in. It is best to take into account the high, medium and low frequency. At the beginning, play some soothing songs, such as some lyrical, gentle, soft songs. And the volume of the song should be kept between 30-60%. (The sound volume should be adjusted to the state for the best comfort of the human ear. The volume can not be adjusted to the highest, so as not to affect the effect of the buin-in effect.) Keep playing for four to five hours and insist on two days.


        Step 2: Play a variety of styles of songs, such as rock and jazz songs.  Keep the volume of the song between 50-80%. Please keep playing about 3 hours each time, and stick to it for three days.



        Step 3: In this time, you can play your favorite music. Use the Bluetooth earphone to listen to the music for a few hours every day. Insist on 10 days. Then you will complete the "burn-in" process.


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