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About the wire of Bluetooth earphone


About the wire of Bluetooth earphone

Many people usually pay attention to the appearance, function, life, etc. of the Bluetooth headset when they purchase it. In fact, this is not enough. When purchasing the Bluetooth headphone, besides those, other details must not be ignored, such as the ear-wing, surface, buttons, earphone cords, etc., because these things also affect the user's wearing experience. Today, the technicians of Guangqing Electronics will show you the characteristics of different shapes of headphones cable.

Round wire

        This is most common for consumers. And it is also the most widely used on wired headsets. It can be said that since the birth of headphones, it has been accompanied by the application of round wire.  Its manufacturing process is simple and its production cost is low.  The disadvantage is that in actual use, it is extremely easy to entangle, causing much trouble for the users.

In addition, the strength of the round wire is not enough. It often requires some better materials to reinforce. For example, some manufacturers use nylon braided rope wrap to reinforce the outer layer of the headphone cable. Some use stronger inner core wire than copper wire to improve the pull-resistant strength of headphones. For example, Vesonic cable adopts silver wire in the inner core of the wire, which is better in toughness and elasticity than ordinary copper inner wire.


Flat wire (Noodle line)

        This kind of wire has changed the public impression of headphone wire. Just look at its appearance, it is more personalized. Our domestic fans call it "noodles line." Currently it is wildly used on the Bluetooth headset. On the one hand, it is a square flat design, breaking the traditional round shape to catch your eyes. Moreover, it is not as easily wrapped as round wire, effectively improving the your experience. So this is a big step forward in the noodle line. For example, Guangqing Electronics uses flat noodle line for most of the sports Bluetooth headphones, which can effectively prevent the winding of the headset during the movement and can effectively improve the wearer's experience.


Triangular wire

        This headset cord is neither round nor flat, but is triangular, again broadening people's horizons. The designer's inspiration may come from simple triangular structures such as the Gold Tower. Compared to the round wire and the noodle wire, the triangle wire effectively solves the disadvantage of easy winding. The triangle line is allowed to rub, or be placed in the bag, and it won't clutter. Just a flick, it can be restored to its original shape, easy to organize. The disadvantage is that this kind of wire is higher than the above two kinds of wire in terms of processing technology and cost, so very few companies use it.


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