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A new stylish Bluetooth headphone is coming


Many young people like to wear a stylish and personalized earphone while exercising to highlight their personal style and add some fun to sports.

In response to this demand from young consumers, our company would like to introduce you the unique and comfortable model GQ-560 sports Bluetooth headset.

Its main features

No.1 Personality Model

It is chic and full of personality, and it is especially attractive for young people who are pursuing individuality.


No.2 Ingenious Details

The galvanized streamline decoration allows it to shed more texture and color, giving people a long-lost visual enjoyment, which is a perfect combination of technology and art.


No.3 Humanized Design

The headset uses a large function key design. 


No.4 HD sound quality

With built-in CSR chip, combined with CVC6.0 echo processing technology, DSP digital noise reduction technology, it can effectively eliminate noise while ensuring sound clarity.


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